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 You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny. (Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad)

Sai Prem

Sai Prem



“I am a 27 yr old quantitative engineer at an investment bank. Like most people my past has had a lot of influence on my perspective of life and a recent personal tragedy made it difficult for me to find positivity in anything around me and everything felt meaningless. I was struggling to understand who I am, how to find meaning among chaos and how to look for positivity when choosing to be ignorant felt my only solution.

When I stumbled across Tvamé, I enrolled with the sole expectation of meeting other people who have similar questions in life. Because it felt like everyone except me was able to make their peace in this world and find their way in the tussle.

I remember when the first session ended, I felt a childlike happiness, not because my problems were solved but because I knew the sessions were going to impart knowledge that I lacked. My worst fear of it being a cumulation of all social media philosophy had drifted far away.

And now when I look back at the end of the course, I feel the same happiness and again it’s not because my problems were solved, but because I have an understanding of why I face problems, which of my problems actually pose harm to me and what is the way to deal with them and to perceive life. All of this knowledge, so beautifully structured and delivered by such amazing, friendly and hard-working mentors.

To people who ask me, who is this session for and what to expect out of it, this session is for anyone who is looking to understand humanity at a deeper level. The science behind our thoughts/actions, why things span out the way they do, the constituents of a human body/mind and how to achieve an equilibrium which we all are struggling to reach. All this, with the added bonus of meeting some wonderful people from varied demography and getting mentors for life.

If you choose to enroll for the course, I hope you keep an open mind and participate to the best of your abilities and I wish you an even more fulfilling journey than mine.”

Pallavi Rao

pallavi rao


transformative experience

“Tvamé is a transformative experience in that it doesn’t just enlighten you but brings about an awakening. It empowers you with powerful facts about the how and why of our existence, our evolution, our behavior and also teaches simplistic techniques to achieve the seemingly elusive happiness that we all seek.  

For years, I have held a passion for learning our scriptures and understanding its adaptability to modern existence. You will find several books written on this subject but it can be an ocean of esoteric information and the concepts are theoretical. Bidhan beautifully weaves the two yarns of science and scriptures drawing parallels and intertwining the concepts which not only invoke the passionate mind but through the logic of science, it silences the rational, sometimes sceptical mind. The learnings were several, whether about evolutionary psychology, Karma Yoga, our Pancha Koshas, the real power of mindfulness or the true meaning of consciousness – but what I truly came away with is an awakening that certainly brought me more peace, a sense of gratitude and an earnest desire to learn more.    

I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone – Bidhan’s lucid style of presentation makes every session engaging and his commitment to understanding your thoughts & experiences and making sure you fully comprehend and apply the learnings is incredible. Be a part of Tvamé and begin the discovery of your inner self, this is one journey in your life that is definitely worth taking.




Corporate Lawyer

fluidity and bigger perspectives

“The hours spent with Anu, Bidhan, and the cohort was something that brought me closer to myself.

I had started the course with my interest for psychology, and over time realised the importance of fluidity and looking at bigger perspectives. Each session had me feeling differently. This course let me get out my head (literally) for a while, and opened myself to absorbing and have the desire to know more about spirituality.

This course made me identify my challenging thought patterns, and leaves me feeling more fulfilled and compassionate as an individual today. Believe me, with the knowledge of the facilitators, and curiosity of the cohort you’ll start looking forward to each session.

More power to you✨”



VP, Global Head

personalized spiritual knowledge

“Spiritual knowledge / learning is very personalised & different individuals are at different starting points. Bidhan / Anu have built a perfect course which provides value to everyone regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey or their background. That’s no small feat. The course starts off in familiar terrain of physiological understanding of human mind / body & shifts gears to spiritual understanding in a seamless way, all the way ensuring continuity & connection is maintained as the highest truths are taught in a simple manner.

Personal investment of Bidhan and Anu in spending time with seekers after the course timings, mid-week breakout sessions, regular sharing of incremental material over what’s app to strengthen the course understanding are big differentiators, they have built a community of co-seekers who learn from each other.

I found good value in course & am sure you would too.”




the path ahead is clear

“Over the last few years, I have turned towards reading our ancient texts and the commentaries and teachings derived from it. However, I have always felt that I have landed in the middle of the book and am left trying to understand all the profound things being said. The understanding I was left with was half baked and more critically, I was completely unsure about how to apply the profound things in my day-to-day life with any meaningful difference. And it was with a complete stroke of luck (or should I now say ‘adhrista phalam’) that I happened to come across Tvamé’s weekend course on ‘Who Am I.’ I quickly dashed off a message and after the initial talk with Bidhan and Anu, I entered the course without expectations. In fact, if my past experiences were anything to go by, I was expecting to be confused some more. And now, standing on this side of having gone through the course, all I can say is that words will fall short of expressing all that I want to. The course is now my starting point. I landed on Page 1 of this book about a better understanding of the world, of my place in the world and of the Self. I have travelled a few pages under the able guidance of Bidhan and Anu. The journey was gentle at times, and turbulent at others. And exciting ALL the time. I now know a bit more of my Self and my ultimate purpose in life. Most importantly, I now have my hands on a few critical tools that help me every moment of my day-to-day life. Of course, I am still learning how to use these tools. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not. No matter, because now I have the confidence that I am on the right path. The tools have helped bring in vital and crucial changes in how I perceive the world and choose to interact with the world. I know that there are more pages to be travelled and more to be learnt. But now, I don’t feel overwhelmed. All the profound things are starting to make more sense. I have a handle on the reins and the path ahead is clear. However inadequate it may sound, I thank Bidhan and Anu for their effort and time in reaching out to others like me. It has made an invaluable difference in my life.”


Saurabh Bansal

Wealth Manager

cuts through clutter

“Thank you, Anu and Bidhan for such a well-structured program. It cuts through the clutter & confusion all of us face in today’s world and goes deep into the wisdom of scriptures.  I particularly liked that you started with evolutionary psychology which provided the necessary foundation before getting into scriptures. Sincerely hope this program reaches out to larger audience and helps raise human consciousness.”




Karma, Mindfulness, meditation

“My want to better myself as a person, was given a beaming stream of hope by this workshop. It gave me so much clarity on a lot of aspects such as my thoughts, feelings, fears, and my being itself!

It gave me fresh perspective about karma, mindfulness, meditation n so on. Understanding who I am is key to a meaningful life…. and this has been very subtly and beautifully explained by Bidhan with a balance of scientific reasoning and scriptural reference.

Today I am a much better person and look forward to improving with each passing day… my reactions, my confidence, my understanding has all changed for the better and will continue so.”



Home Maker

thought provoking and insightful

“I was introduced to the Tvamé workshop by a very dear friend of mine. The introductory section of Anu and Bidhan and their journey towards spirituality mentioned on the website inspired me to participate in the workshop. I attended the workshop without any major expectations as such. But I was blown away from the very first session onwards. I really enjoyed the interesting way in which Anu and Bidhan explained the concepts. The concepts were thought provoking and very insightful. The sessions really made me sit up, introspect and reflect upon my thoughts, emotions, actions, past behavior and purpose of life. The sessions on emotions, belief system, mindfulness, karma yoga and the concept of consciousness blew me away. I’m an anxious person who gets stressed at the drop of the hat. I can see positive changes within myself in terms of how I respond to situations around me and how I understand & handle my emotions. Both Anu and Bidhan were extremely patient in explaining the difficult concepts and answering all our questions. They were ever ready to help us understand the concepts thoroughly.  Hats off and a big THANK YOU to all their efforts. I consider Anu and Bidhan as one of my first gurus in my spiritual journey. The workshop has had a big impact on me and I will always be grateful to the Tvamé team.”



Functional Medicine clinician

Know the ultimate truth

“In the present busy times, we get so involved in finding happiness through various external means that we hardly get time to relax and pause for a while. Now, suddenly one fine morning we hear a voice, ‘hey, what’s wrong with you? I am here, yes! Right here, right now!’ The language and words of the voice may be different for each one of us, but it’s essentially the very essence of us. That’s when we start exploring and no wonder the universe helps us finding the source of our eternal quest. That’s how me too landed up in this workshop beautifully led by Bidhan and Anu. My spiritual journey that started almost a decade back got further reinforcement and enriched with beautiful spiritual experiences throughout the period. I am a vivid reader of many spiritual books, scriptures. They all have their ways of telling the ultimate truth and frankly it is not always easy to make sense of them. I have known many evolved seekers who themselves have admitted that understanding true spirituality is not every one’s cup of tea. Once you are into spirituality, mind related matters are taken care of by the Divine, at the same time it gives an understanding of the psychospiritual aspect of human being. This aspect was beautifully served in Tvamé through gradual transition from psychology to spirituality. A word of caution, it will challenge your patterns of thinking and belief system! But if you really want to transform yourself and discover a new version of you, take this opportunity as a challenge and unveil yourSELF. The month-long sessions over the weekends, the connect during the weekdays to introspect, the shared notes, all in all I got a feeling of ashram sitting in my home. The workshop is designed such a way that whether you are beginner or a seeker, you will definitely get the benefits because of the wonderful collective spiritual vibes. It’s a journey worth taking. Knowing and explaining the “ultimate truth” in a way that all can understand was a lifelong remembered experience for me.”


Taarika Ranjith

creative designer

new perspectives and tools

“I was intrigued by the title – “Who Am I?” – a question I have been asking myself for a long time. So, I joined with the hope that I would get answers, and would come out knowing who I am.

What I got was much better. Rather than getting a definite answer to who I am (at present), I was introduced to new perspectives, tools and a wonderful group of individuals, allowing ME to discover the answers for myself. I loved how there is a seamless flow between psychology and the scriptures. I went in with the vaguest idea about scriptures and came out awe struck, interested and curious to know more.

For the introduction to scriptures, the knowledge that was shared and to the beautiful community I have become a part of – I’ll always be grateful and keen to learn more.”



data scientist

great way to bring acceptance

“It was a really well-structured workshop! I really liked the way Tvamé brought together two diverse thought processes, to solve one problem. Each session was like peeling an onion where more knowledge was gradually revealed. We understand why we are the way we are, using the tools of psychology, before moving on to spirituality. This is a great way to bring acceptance about our present state before showing us a higher goal. Tvamé has beautifully simplified many complex topics making it easy to comprehend. Thanks Anu and Bidhan!”



Sevika, Chinmaya Mission & Homemaker


“Though I have studied scriptures and learnt a lot from them, the ‘Who am I’ workshop by Bidhan and Anu, made everything so much more easier to understand and practise.

Their Dedication, Understanding, Skill and Perseverance is not very common and are signs of true seekers, who are also guiding us other seekers onto the right path.

Thank you so much Bidhan and Anu.”


varsha diwate

teacher & trainer

simple language

“In the past I have tried several times to understand Indian ancient scriptures. But the language was not so simple to understand. Bidhan has put in tremendous effort to reach out to common people like me. Personally, I have gained a lot from these sessions. Understanding the importance of karmas and karma yoga, in one’s life. Also, my definition of who am I was so different than who actually I am. Thank you Bidhan for this knowledge.”



Principal Engineer, Ivanti

peaceful mind

“There are hundreds of online videos and courses out in the internet then why this one more course? Do I not know the concepts of this Karma Yoga already that whatever you do that is going to effect you back? Then why should I go and spend my precious time on one more course? These all questions will pop-up in our mind when we will hear about this program.

Ok then let me start with sharing my experience. I also had exact same thoughts in my mind when I started on my journey of discovery along with Bidhan. Me being an engineer understands and accepts things only when they are explained to me in logical and reasonable way. I was always told that you have to search for the answers of your questions within you and that used to sound me very vague because when I don’t know myself the answers then how the answers will emerge from me. But this course gave me that answer scientifically as how I will be able to find the answers of those questions internally. We all would have heard that good and balanced food have direct effect on the peaceful mind but we would not have got the logical reason as how that happens.

We all have this question coming in our mind at some point in our life as I did everything good then still that bad thing happened to me and why? This course will give you the pointers to explore the chain of events that would have resulted in our today by weaving the chain of events from yesterday. Go ahead and explore the hidden secret door to your inner self.”




changed my convictions

“Tvamé was an eye opener program to me. I feel it happened to me at the right time because I was just out of a counselling program which gave me many perspectives to reflect and enrich my life and the lives around me.

Even after this there were many questions which were persistent in me. I always used to wonder why I think, behave and relate to people and evaluate everything around me in a certain way. So, I was putting a lot of effort into changing some of them but was not really satisfied with the outcome.

During my participation in Tvamé, it started revealing the crux of the matters. when I got to know why I am, THE WAY I AM. I stopped fighting with my own self. I got rid of shame, blame and the guilt I carried for a long time. I felt relieved when I got to know the purpose of life is to be happy always is a Myth. Knowledge on Karma yoga, Mindfulness gave a clear path to conduct myself at body and mind level in day-to-day Life. Life became more meaningful when I started Spiritualising every act. The list goes on because in just 8 classes my learning was immense. The kind of perspectives it gave changed my convictions.

My deep gratitude to Sapna who introduced me to the course. Bidhan and Anu for sharing such profound knowledge. 🙏🙏

I recommend this program to everyone in my life. Good luck to Tvamé and team”


archana k

Emotional Counsellor & Life Skills Trainer

understanding self

“We all know so much but how much we understand is the most crucial thing. This has been one of my most important learning from Tvamé sessions apart from understanding self at the deeper level which has been an enriching experience. Frankly i am still processing many concepts absorbed during the sessions but it’s been worthy to attend them.

Kudos to Bidhan and Anu for taking us through learning, unlearning and relearning during the journey of 4weeks of the program. Grateful to them.”




enlightening experience

“I feel fortunate to be a part of this inward journey of knowing who am I, Tvamé (journey with in). It was a beautifully structured course, linking one session to the other so gracefully. This course really removed various sheaths of ignorance which leads to discontentment in our lives. Beginning from psychology of human mind leading to Karma yoga of scriptures, the observer in us, indeed was an enlightening experience. It’s just the journey begun. Looking forward to be a part of the advance course as well.

Many thanks to Bidhan & Anu for formulating such a course and bringing it to us for our enlightenment!!”


santhosh devangi


what vedas and upanishads have to offer

“I remember thinking as a child, “Why can’t I see & experience myself just the way I see & experience everybody else around me?”

I guess that’s when the actual quest began. But my conscious pursuit began around 15 years ago..

I loved physics as a subject throughout school and learned what best I could with my little understanding..

It’s only after coming out of collage I was consumed by this urge to actually make sense of Einstein’s theories and their implications and in that quest I stumbled upon Quantum Physics and it opened up my mind to this world I did not know existed..

For the first time I learned about how “I” impacted this world and how everything is interconnected.. or so the experiments revealed.. But.. Quantum Physics is in its infancy, Could they be wrong?

One thing that kept resonating in my ears was what some of the physicists had humbly mentioned.. it was that this new found knowledge by science was known to the ancient Indian scholars and that what the Quantum experiments were revealing was already suggested in the Vedas & Upanishads..

Now I, coming from the very land these scientists were talking about, felt like I must try to understand what these scriptures had to say..

The reason I explained this bit of my personal journey is to emphasize on the fact that what the Vedas & Upanishads have to offer seems to be the truth that even science is discovering today.. and Bidhan & Anu thru Tvamè offer a beautifully crafted course to convey the meaning of the Vedas & Upanishads to everyone who wants to understand it.. i would recommend this course to anyone who are on the quest to understanding the “Self”..

Thank you, Anu & Bidhan”



finance professional

lighten the burden of samsara

“Tvamé is an interesting course for anyone who wants to channel their intellectual energies for their betterment. I found it to be the best crash course to our Vedanta philosophy and a discovery of self in the process.. just as each person is different, the process of discovery of self is different and unique.. our entire group had different takeaways from the course and I am sure everyone who attends will come out with their own experience of self… more power and peace to Bidhan and Anu! Gurus to helped lighten the burden of Samsara in a matter of short time.”





“Not always are you aware of or confident about what you have been doing so far or your approach is correct. You are also not always sure of so many whys and wherefroms. Who Am I with Bidhan and Anu helped see things with clarity, gave me a guidance and the confidence of practicing Karma Yoga as the right path. Not easy to practice all the time but a beginning is always necessary.

Thank you for setting me on a guided path of new beginnings and recognising my true self. The comfort with which we could express ourselves and seek clarifications at every step of the course gave me the urge to keep asking and satisfaction of knowing better what was being discussed and not just told. A very democratic way of inquiry indeed. Thank you Anu and Bidhan for having me on this tremendous revelation journey.”

Dash Just Vish pic-final


Content Creator

reduce the deafening noise around

“2020 had been excruciating and I turned to Bidhan for help at the lowest points of my life after the first wave of the pandemic. Through Tvamé, Bidhan helped me understand the what, the why and the hows of life. The segments on evolutionary psychology, epigenetics and principles of karma, gave me a thorough introspection and helped me understand myself in ways I never thought off earlier. The knowledge from Upanishads brought awakening in me with a holistic sense of understanding myself and how things unfold in life. Now I am able to reduce the deafening noise around and be in peace in any situation. I can now align myself to my goals with renewed focus. None of this would have been possible without Bidhan showing me the path to this awakening. I am grateful to have discovered Tvamé and strongly recommend it to anyone in distress.”



Sr. Reservoir Engineer, Shell


“I found the course to have an immediate impact on my understanding of my behaviors and how I respond to the situations around me – a path to self-discovery. Each session introduces and answers the fundamental questions eg., why do we behave the way we do, what causes our response to the situations, how can we understand ourselves and when we do so, how that can impact our perspective to life, world and most importantly – to ourselves. Just like we see the mirror to check how we look – similarly this workshop helped me to look inwards and observe – who am I!

I was particularly impressed by how smoothly Bidhan and Anu could relate to the practicality of life and the discussion around situations where the learnings can be implemented. I was pleasantly surprised with the harmony of science and scriptures which was beautifully blended and presented. The sessions were very interactive and stimulated lot of discussions, which was a pleasure to listen to and contribute. I believe that the learnings are universal. Understanding it and imbibing the learnings has the potential to transform our lives and of those around us. Truly an “I-Opener”!”



Managing Director - Technology, Accenture

Structured Approach to Spirituality

“Anchoring oneself in this world filled with life’s upheavals and the related anxiety, stress and restlessness is the challenge that everyone faces today. I was in self-isolation due to COVID when I started this course and it could not have been a better time for me to reflect and look inward for fresh perspective about karma, mindfulness, meditation etc. My reflections about the course:

1. While I have been intellectually seeking answers in a “carpet bombing” style of random search on the body of knowledge around Advaita Vedanta , many concepts of which I was not able to reconcile , Tvame helped anchor all that by systematically “unpacking” how our mind works, and how to manage it, so that you can transcend it and access the true source of peace, happiness and support.
2. Spiritual seeking is a very personal journey and cannot be templatized, this course offered a very structured approach into the tools / techniques that can be used in one’s journey.
3. Using science/psychology to support the discussions that led to scriptural references – the “software” of the Sanatana Dharma – felt like a logical approach for a the mind that always wants validation from science !
4. The logistics of the setup was also commendable – Adequate time was given for clarifying questions over and above the budgeted time , followup discussions , “homework” to apply what we learnt etc – demonstrated the genuineness of the effort to impart this knowledge & follow through
5. Last but not the least, I am happy to be in the company of some like-minded spiritual seekers

Looking to unravel more in future conversations …

Thank you Team Tvame!”





question and arrive at your own conclusion

“Distilling the various concepts of our scriptures (which are covered in the Basic Workshop) down to their core and disseminating them in a way that even a layperson understands them is where the Basic Workshop, and Bidhan and Anu more particularly, excel. In hindsight, it is now apparent that every aspect of the workshop has been curated with great pain and thought and this aids in the journey that one takes with Bidhan and Anu. The greatest element of the workshop without doubt is the encouragement by Bidhan and Anu to never blindly accept any concept but to question it and arrive at the conclusion through one’s own intellectual labour and applying one’s own experience.”



Director, Accenture

Made it possible to Pause, Accept & Act!

“This is an amazing course I should say and I’m blessed to have had this opportunity. This learning journey has entirely changed the perspective of my life. Initially, I was skeptical with the thought that Vedanta is only for Saints and Gurus and not something for a common man. But this course is so beautifully crafted with scientific facts and examples to nail down the fact that everything in this universe is one and I’m an integral part of it. I now know what the priority in my life is and what I must go behind to have the true feel of contentment. It made me realize how I should approach the life with observe, accept and then act rather than reacting with instincts. I enjoyed this course a lot and I would recommend everyone to taste this flavor of Vedanta with this course and make living better.”




wealth of knowledge

“Thank you so much, Bidhan sir. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insight you’ve shared during this workshop. The content was comprehensive and I had an opportunity to apply in some parts of my life which is so important. We were led on to try different ways of thinking.

I have a much more helpful and healthier understanding/awareness of my emotions/ reactions / expectations. The slides, material design methods and types of data stories used were also really nice.”




INTROSPECTION, new way of thinking

“It was a really good session from Bidhan, presented in a very simple and easy to understand way. This gave me an opportunity to introspect and look back.

Preview of the scriptures gave new insights for me and helps me to think differently. The topic of ‘Who am I’ was different way of thinking, another perspective of understanding “Aham – Self or I”. I am sure this helped many of us to look in to ourselves and see the real “Me”.


tejaswini kini


a life changer

“I had the opportunity to be a part of this workshop of rediscovering myself and I am really glad to have attended it. It has given me a new way to look at myself. Made me understand who I really am in this big wide world. What the purpose of my life is and so many other interesting questions.

It is shocking to know that all this has actually been explained many many years ago in our scriptures. In today’s world where feelings like love, sharing, caring, forgiveness etc are difficult to find and on the other hand where anger, hate, negativity are on a high it is important we try and understand how these alter our current lives and our generations to come. I am truly grateful to Bidhan sir who has put together all this, and explained it so well. It is a life changer.”




believe in yourself

“Workshop “Self Discovery” by Bidhan Sir was Amazing – too much to learn, full of real life examples.

There were many examples which made it really easy to follow and to understand the topic.

I learnt –

  1. Always keep calm
  2. Work on Mindfulness
  3. Let it go
  4. Believe in yourself

There are small small things which can make our life beautiful and peaceful.. I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues to attend the workshop.



R amritha


do more and expect nothing from anyone

“I am a person who expects everything from everyone but this workshop has taught me “Do more and expect nothing from anyone”.  This workshop made me to understand my emotions and to think how to respond to particular situations. My behaviour and perception changed completely. The ancient scriptures explained by Bidhan Sir was simple and easy to understand. There is so much to learn about our body and mind and how to do our daily routines with at most focus. This program helped me to lead a healthy and happy life.

Thank you”


amisha anand


self-awareness and mindfulness

“The ‘self-discovery workshop’ was indeed a self-discovery of myself! The sessions by Bidhan Sir were like mini workshops in itself – so much to learn yet so simple and easy to understand. Learnt how we can make our life happier by appreciating small things and ideas.

The concept of being aware of our emotions (self-awareness) and also be able to manage them (self-control) is an eye opener. I really enjoyed the sessions and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about “Mindfulness”. And after working on Mindfulness, I am feeling so Happy.

Thank you so much Bidhan Sir for Wonderful session.”




must-have session

“Actually, we needed a session like this, made us think about ourselves. We know a few things but we never get this deep into it, so we don’t know anything. There were so many surprising elements that we didn’t know: like we are wired to do what we are doing and we don’t have control on our emotions, about our ancestors and our panchakosha and how to take care of them, and so much more.

Thank you, Bidhan sir for guidance us on this, you showed us the correct way; now it’s our responsibility to understand and implement it in a proper way in order to lead a happy life. We definitely do that.

Thank you, sir”


aditi kashyap

Learning & Development Specialist

understand self better

“I consider the Indian scriptures to be a treasure to mankind as they are the source of all knowledge available to us today. In today’s day and age, where we are so often overwhelmed by the fast pace world, it becomes all the more imperative to slow down, reflect and know where we can seek answers from a reliable source and what better way to seek them from our very own scriptures! Being a psychology graduate, I was interested to understand the perspectives that Indian scriptures offered to understand our own behavioral patterns and those of others better. Through the lectures that Anu and Bidhan delivered in an interactive manner during the month-long workshop that blended psychology with Indian philosophy, I felt I understood myself a lot more better.”


Dr Janaki C

big data analyst

well-organized content

“I believe in giving testimonial only when we practice what we learnt. That will have more impact. Tvamé is an avenue to dwell deep into innerself, understand the reason behind our beliefs, fear, anger, anxiety, dissatisfaction. Understand how we inherit such things from our ancestors and that is what defines our personality. Tvamé is a philosophy-based course which makes us realize how our subconscious mind dominates all the time and does not allow our conscious mind to work. We as human beings need to start learning to put special effort to be conscious and take actions. Once we do this, we slowly realize how we have been wired to do certain things in a rigid way and the benefit of doing differently without applying knowledge from our memory. There is a lot to learn from our scriptures.

Tvamé is based purely on the scriptures and it covers various aspects mentioned above and makes one realize the need for sath karma and sath dharma. Amazing course. Must attend. Felt very peaceful by the end of 8 sessions course.

Have been working on my physical and mental health from last 3 weeks and finding great improvement.

Thank you, Bidhan and Anu. Extremely grateful to both of you for conducting course with well-organized content and with extreme professionalism”