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Connect With Us : +91 99456 59100

Arise! Awake!
and stop not till the goal is reached. (Katha Upanishad)

Upcoming Community events

Astro’logical’ Perspective - Aug 2022

A deeper and more practical look into how astrology, a part of Vedas, can help create the roadmap for your life and empower you to charge through challenging times in life.

Demystifying Spirituality - July 2022

In continuation of the previous talk, this one focused on how to walk the spiritual path and what one can expect on the way.

Demystifying Spirituality - May 2022

What does spirituality really mean? Without knowing where we are going, we cannot get there! This session focused on breaking down and understanding some basic concepts such as God, Offering, Universe!


Vedantic Meditation - April 2022

An opportunity to meditate with those on the same path as you! An opportunity to truly go back to, observe and experience who we truly are!

Everyday Superheroes - Feb 22

A chance to hear real life stories of transformation to inspire you to continue on the chosen path towards become more conscious and realizing who you truly are!

Remember Who You Are - Jan 22

A session to remind ourselves of the knowledge and tools gained during the workshop. We are in this journey together – from Ajnanam to Jnanam. We will hold each other’s hands through the challenges and success as we move towards becoming more conscious.


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